Autauga County Friends of the Forest (Autauga 2016): The Friends of the Forest (FOTF) is an educational program designed to teach the importance of private forest land and private forest landowners regarding multiple use management of our forests’ natural resources. The 10th Annual FOTF event was held on the property of private landowner in Autauga County. Approximately 300 students from area schools attended the event. An outdoor classroom environment included, but not limited to, multiple stations with presenters sharing education in water quality of water basins (rivers, streams), tree identification, timber growth and usage, homeostasis environment for wildlife and plant growth. Awareness in understanding -“that forests are renewable, natural resources that provide jobs, clean air, shelter and more. Mid-South RC&D was there!

Autauga County Ground Water Festival (Autauga 2019): To educate 4th grade students, teachers, and volunteers on the importance of protecting and conserving water resources and included a presentation by The Fishing Magician with hands on educational activities for students.

Autauga County Master Gardeners Association Community Gardens (Autauga 2020): The Prattville-Autauga Demonstration/Community Gardens are major projects of the Autauga County Master Gardeners Association (ACMGA). Started in 2004, these food producing and ornamental gardens have been in constant production since that time and Master Gardeners donate on average 1,300 pounds of fresh food benefiting the limited-income families in the county. This project is helping create a community image that is perceived as positive by both residents and passersby and is creating opportunities for citizens to work together to improve their community.

Autauga County Water Festival (Autauga 2018): Educate 4th grade students, teachers, volunteers on the importance of protecting and conserving our water resources, presentation by The Fishing Magician with hands on educational activities for students.

Autauga County Water Festival (Autauga 2015): To teach approximately 850-900 4th grad students about the importance of our natural resources and how to conserve and protect them.

Autauga County Water Festival 2016 (Autauga 2016): Autauga County hosted its annual event to teach the importance of conserving and protecting our natural resources-LIKE WATER! Attendance of 850 (Fourth- graders and 130 volunteers with outreach circulation including public, private, and homeschooled children). The highlight of the festival was a magic show by the Fishing Magician.

Autauga Creek Erosion Control (Autauga 2019): Purchased flexamat permanent erosion control to install on the bed of Autauga Creek which will enable better recreational and maintenance access to the creek.

Azalea Training Center (Autauga 2018): Funds awarded to purchase computers, software and furniture.

Cataloging System for Educational Research (Autauga 2021): The Prattaugan Museum, located in downtown Prattville in the Historic District, requested a grant from the RC&D Council to provide cataloging software and archival materials for our collection. Until this time, our extensive collection of literature, artifacts, historical texts and vertical files did not have an accessible way to digitally search them. Thanks to the generous grant from RC&D, we were able to obtain the Atrium Automation Integrated Library System for cataloging, barcodes, security sensors, a library scanner, archival storage boxes, artifact tags, and an iPad for maneuverability while cataloging throughout the Museum. These materials were purchased, and cataloging began in the Fall of 2021. While cataloging is an ongoing process for a museum, our current catalog is now online and accessible to search from the museum or from home. Every printed material has a barcode and is labeled and located in a manner which makes searching simple and accessible to everyone. Our archival storage is being tagged and stored in the archival boxes which were purchased, insuring their preservation and organization for future exhibits. The Autauga County Heritage Association, along with all of Autauga County and beyond owes a tremendous debt of gratitude to the RC&D Council for their generous support in making this grant possible for the benefit of the whole community.

CERT Class (Autauga 2020): Autauga EMA held a Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training class with grant provided by Mid-South. Class dates were from: 18 Jan 2020 – 7 March 2020. We had 16 people sign up for class, with 14 actually finishing and awarded course completion certificate.

Chef in the Schools (Autauga 2016): Purchase supplies for a healthy cooking class for youth. Students between 4th & 8th grade were introduced to food sanitation, preparation, cooking, decorating, and nutrition through educational activities. Classes included Gingerbread House Decorating, Tasty Roots, and Smoothies.

City of Prattville MS4-QCP (Autauga 2018): ACSWCD requested funds to acquire MS4 facilitator to educate City of Prattville personnel, homebuilders, land developers and homeowners; included site inspections and notated problems.

Conservation Partnership with Autaugaville School and RC&D (Autauga 2019): Students attended a full two-day program at Alabama Nature Center in Millbrook, AL that included two naturalist led outdoor activities plus a trip through the Nature Center’s hands-on discovery hall and live animal presentation.

Education Tour Trailers (Autauga 2018): Funds awarded to purchase two tour trailers for landowner educational tours in multi-county areas.

Equipment for Hands on Technical Education at Marbury High School (Autauga 2022): Marbury High School used our grant funds to purchase a Z-spray max spreader/sprayer. This piece of equipment has given us the ability to provide hands on training to over 150 students in our Ag Program. This training will equate to students being able to immediately work for Lawn Care companies providing weed control and Fertilization services.

Friends of the Forest (Autauga 2019): Fifth grade students attended a field event which educated them on the importance of wood products, as well as, becoming good stewards of their natural resources.

Friends of the Forest (Autauga 2016): Classroom presentation and field day on the importance of forests & wildlife habitats. Over 800 students & 60 volunteers attended the event at Jimmy & Martha Hughes’ TEASRURE Forest property.

Importance of Bees (Autauga 2016): In school, after school programs, and community events provided youth and adults an educational venue to learn why honeybees are important to humans and the role of bees in agriculture and how to protect bees and other pollinators from ecological threats. Videos, models, handouts, and beekeeper tools, including a Teaching Hive Bee-Ginner’s Kit, were purchased.

Improving Student Safety Through Compliance (Autauga 2021): The Autauga County Firefighters Association used our grant funds to perform critical life safety compliance testing on Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) for the county Fire/EMS program at the Autauga County Technology Center. This testing assured that units being utilized by students of the program were operable and capable of being used for training purposes. The services tested 32 SCBA units and 61 breathing air cylinders.

Keep Our Green Space (Autauga 2018): Grant funds supported purchase and installation of (3) tree hugger benches in Pratt Park.

Ladder Grant (Autauga 2021): Replaced aging fire safety ladders to allow members of Pine Level FD to safely provide fire safety for our community.

Learning Through Lanark (Autauga 2018): Autaugaville School Field trip to ANC-actively engage students in an outdoor learning environment –Lanark Field Days. This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Marbury High School Ready for Robotics (Autauga 2019): Purchased robotic classroom kits and individual advanced kits which support the STEM curriculum in constructing and programming robots.

New Playground Equipment for Autaugaville School (Autauga 2019): Purchased and installed new playground equipment for the elementary students of Autaugaville School creating a safe and secure place to play and have physical exercise and activities.

PHS Track & Field Construction (Autauga 2015): The PHS Track Booster Club is working with the Autauga County BOE to construct a regulation Track & Field behind Prattville High School.

Pine Level Marbury Park Playground (Autauga 2016): Playground equipment was purchased and installed in the community. Site location is the Pine Level Recreational Park with outreach opportunity for 20,000 residents.

Radio (Autauga 2022): The Autauga County Rescue Squad used the funds provided by this grant to purchase a  P25 digital radio. This radio brings us into the 21st century with our two way communications, and will allow us to communicate with several different agencies in our surrounding counties.

Re-contruction of the Front Porch and Columns at Pine Level Community Center (Autauga 2020): Autauga County Commission, in partnership with the Pine Level Community Center Association, used the 2020 Mid-South Grant Award to re-construct the front porch and columns at the main entrance to the Community Center, which is also the accessible entrance.  It had suffered water damage; aging wood was crumbling; and it was unsafe to use.

Tools and Supply for Truck (Autauga 2018): Autauga County Rescue Squad, Inc. – funds support purchases of three side rail tool boxes, air compressor and power wrench.

Training Mannequins (Autauga 2020): Autauga County EMA presented Rescue Randy, Casper the CPR Dog, and one adult CPR Water Rescue Mannequin to the Autauga County Rescue Squad to perform necessary training for their members. The grant from Mid-South was greatly appreciated by all participants in Autauga County.