Almeria Volunteer Fire Department Equipment Replacement (Bullock 2016): Purchase 8 Self Contained Breathing Apparatus and a Thermal Imaging Camera.

Annual Bullock County Kid’s Fishing Derby (Bullock 2020): The Bullock County Annual Kid’s Fishing Derby promotes sense of community and team work among youth participants and mentors. Fishing activities provided teach children lessons in the fields of biology, zoology, chemistry and environmental science. They also learn responsibility, independence, respect for nature and living creatures and how their actions impact our society. The fishing derby also teaches youth participants an appreciation for nature and skills required to fish. Through fishing, youth participants will also learn about morals, life lessons, and problem solving skills. Youth participants are able to build confidence and learn patience as well as physical and technical skills, including balance and coordination.

Annual Bullock County Kids Fishing Derby (Bullock 2019): Purchased catfish to stock a netted pond, as well as, 100 rods and reels for youth participants in the Annual Fishing Derby, which gives the youth an opportunity to learn how to fish and build social skills.

Baseball Concession (Bullock 2022): Union Springs Recreation Center Baseball Field (Ed Farrior Park) has been newly renovated with bathrooms, concession stand and kitchen.

Bullock County EMA Vehicle (Bullock 2019): Bullock County EMA Vehicle (Bullock): Purchased a truck for Bullock County EMA use and equipped with emergency tools for emergencies 24/7.

Bullock County Ground Water Festival (Bullock 2019): Educate 4th grade students, teachers, volunteers on the importance of protecting and conserving water resources and included presentation by The Fishing Magician with hands on educational activities for students.

Bullock County School Security (Bullock 2019): To ensure the safety of all teachers, staff, and students by upgrading school locks and doors.

C.A.M.O. KIDS (Bullock 2018): Purchase enclosed cargo trailer and supplies to safely store-transport educational and outdoor supplies.

City of Union Springs Safety Seating (Bullock 2019): Chairs were purchased for Senior Citizens use at the Nutritional Center in Union Springs.

Conversion of Storage Area Training/Break Room (Bullock 2016): Grant funds provided the Union Springs Fire Department the opportunity to convert a storage room into a training/meeting room and to purchase a television, computer, printer, air conditioner, video camera, and dry erase boards for first responders. They now have a place and the equipment for proper training.

Dementia Friendly First Responders Training (Bullock 2019): Dementia training toolkits were purchased for First Responders.

Equipping citizens of Bullock County with 21st Century Job Ready Skills (Bullock 2022): In participating in the Alabama Workforce Council, the Regional Workforce Council, and by hosting the Career Technology Education Executive Council Meeting, composed of local businesses, employers are all concerned as to the lack of employability skills by those entering the workforce. Without a strong employability skill set, citizens will not be able to sustain reliable employment. In addressing this State and local community need and in addressing the need to have a qualified and productive workforce, our Bullock County citizens will need to have a location to receive training on 21st century job readiness skills and to develop employable skill sets, one which will support the local economy. In such, Bullock County citizens can improve their skill sets by receiving support from the CTE Director, CTE Counselor, and the Co-Operative Education teacher in the form of practice interview sessions and resume preparation. The Co-Operative Education Classroom in the Bullock County Career Tech Center will create an environment simulating business allowing citizens to learn and practice their interview skills and employability skills. The CTE Director, CTE Counselor, and Co-Operative Education teacher will use the Smart Work Ethics curriculum to share with citizens these 21st century skills.

Fire Education (Bullock 2020): A new Smokey Bear costume for the Alabama Forestry Commission replaced the old suit that is falling apart and is very old.  This costume will be used to educate school children about fire safety.

Fire Truck Equipment (Bullock 2021): The Smuteye Volunteer Fire Department used our grant funds to purchase an air compressor and a rescue chop saw. This equipment will give us a quicker response time to callouts and enhanced capabilities on site. Our service area is all of Bullock County.

First Responder Protection (Bullock 2021): The Bullock County Commission/Rescue used grant monies to purchase protective vests for our rescue team members. Fourteen vests were issued to our members giving them the added protection they so desperately need. It has become so dangerous in the field we operate in and there is always the possibility for violence again as it has been in the past. These vests give our members the confidence and safety they need to get the job done.

Fitness Fun (Bullock 2016): Purchase playground equipment for Union Springs.

Guerryton Community Garden (Bullock 2015): To construct a wiregrass tunnel house kit to increase production capacity.

Kindles for Kids (Bullock 2016): Kindles were purchased for the media center at South Highlands Middle School in Union Springs. Kindles will be used to improve students’ reading comprehension skills, critical thinking skills, and test scores. Kindles will be placed in the library, student population of 600.

Latinos in Action (Bullock 2022): This project has been created to educate and empower communities about the Hispanic culture through the national framework of the Latinos in Action. The mission is to offer an asset-based approach to bridging the graduation and opportunity gap for Latino students.

Outdoor Classroom Space (Bullock 2022): Conecuh Springs Christian School was able to purchase four outdoor picnic tables to be used by the teachers and student body of Conecuh Springs.  These tables provide a much needed space for science and other hands on activities to be incorporated in the classroom setting.  They also provide a space out of doors which allows for students to be spread apart and in an enviroment different from their usual learning experience.

Purchasing a Backhoe (Bullock 2015): To purchase a new backhoe.

Red Door Theatre Support (Bullock 2015): To build a lobby in the auditorium and to buy promotional and marketing supplies.

Smuteye VFD Equipment for Fire Truck (Bullock 2019): (Purchased fire equipment for a pumper fire truck, which was donated to the VFD from a sister VFD.

Smuteye Volunteer Fire Department (Bullock 2015): To purchase an auxiliary 2” water pump to put on the fire truck so fireman can extinguish house fires and brush fires.

Spark The Park (Bullock 2015): Spark the Park is the Union Springs Recreational Centers initiative focused on equipping one of the city’s parks with the necessary equipment to encourage the community to visit and utilize the park. The plan is to provide a pavilion style sitting area with picnic tables and shrubbery.

Supporting Healthcare by educating future Healthcare Professionals (Bullock 2021): Through this grant, Healthcare professionals now have a facility and equipment to learn the latest techniques and secure employment, all within Bullock County.

Supporting the Future of Bullock County (Bullock 2021): Since March 2020, Bullock County Schools operated virtually, meaning, students did not report to school, instructions were provided via Internet access. As the school year progressed and as the CDC released guidance on how students and staff could return to face to face instructions, Bullock County Schools made the necessary adjustments, allowing struggling learners and personnel into the buildings. Thanks to this grant by Mid-South RC&D, all students, faculty, and staff, had access to PPE’s, masks, and other sanitary agents to ensure their safety.

TAP Computer Training Center (Bullock 2016): Purchase a security system with eight cameras and install steel bars around the safe that stores 33 computers. Over 500 people are serviced in Midway and surrounding communities.

The City of Union Springs/Pavilion and Kitchen (Bullock 2018): Grant funds used to construct an outside pavilion –Union Springs Trail-provide quality public facilities/programs for access.

Town of Midway –Merritt Community Complex (Bullock 2018): Purchase plumbing materials for installation.

Union Springs Senior Center Air Conditioner (Bullock 2019): Purchased a new air conditioning unit for the senior citizens’ benefit who utilize the center on a daily basis.

Union Springs VFD Monitor and Water Curtains (Bullock 2018): Funds awarded to purchase monitor and two water curtains; protect firefighters, increase firefighting capabilities enhance exposure protection.

Union Springs Volunteer Fire Department Training Room (Bullock 2016): When the siren sounds, we are there. The Union Springs Volunteer Fire Department has dual responsibility to their citizens in Union Springs and areas of their community-protection from fire and operates the Bullock County Rescue service which handles automobile accidents involving entrapment. Limited training site location and educational training equipment have been primary needs for volunteers. Grant award “planted the seed” to convert a storage/breakroom into a training/break room furnished with educational training equipment. Mid-South RC&D was there!

Visit Union Springs and Bullock County Website and Red Door Theatre Website (Bullock 2022): The Tourism Council of Bullock County used our grant funds to redesign and update both the Visit Union Springs, Alabama website and the Red Door Theatre website.  The redesigns are much more user friendly, especially on mobile devices. Both sites are visited thousands of times by those wanting more information about the theatre and those seeking more information about Bullock County’s historical locations, Field Trial events, or lodging information.