2021 Officers Safety Cameras Project (Butler 2022): The Butler County Sheriff’s Office used our grant funds to purchase Body Cameras and In-Car Cameras. This purchase has improved community trust, transparency, and accountability. The video and audio recording from the cameras can be used by our Officers to demonstrate transparency to our communities; document statements, observations, behaviors, and other evidence; and to deter unprofessional, illegal, and inappropriate behaviors by both law enforcement and the public.

A Playground for Our Precious Pre-K (Butler 2021): The Butler County School System used our grant funds to purchase playground equipment. This playground equipment has given us the ability to provide access to outdoor play for our pre-k children in the school system.

Book Vending Machine (Butler 2022): Greenville Elementary School used grant funds to purchase a book vending machine and books for our third and fourth grade students. This purchase allows over 250 students to earn tokens so they may “buy” books of their very own.

Butler Co 4-H Wildlife Project (Butler 2019): ‘Model/Animal Replica’ kits were purchased to engage students in science and nature by teaching them through hands on demonstrations about animals found in Butler County.

Butler County 4-H Club (Butler 2019): To purchase equipment for a start-up archery program for youth in Butler County.

Butler County Forestry Youth Camp (Butler 2018): Grant funds used to purchase 22 twin mattresses for bunk beds in camp cabins.

Butler County Public Radio Improvements (Butler 2021): The Butler County Commission used our grant funds to purchase 25 new mobile radios. This new communication equipment has given us the ability to assist four volunteer fire departments in our county. These radios went to serve the Garland, Starlington, Boilling, Sand Cut, Wald, Mashville, and Midway communities in Butler County.

Butler Estates Fire Hydrant Grant (Butler 2019): Purchased and installed a fire hydrant in Butler Estates Community.

Chromebooks and Cart-McKenzie School (Butler 2018): Purchased Chromebooks with management software and storage cart.

Diabetes Empowerment Educational Program (Butler 2022): The Butler County Extension Office used our grant funds to train and certify several community members as Diabetes Management Educators and to purchase teaching materials and supplies.  This has given us the ability to provide Diabetes Management Series workshops in Butler and Lowndes County.  

Extrication Stabilization Equipment (Butler 2022): The Providence Mt Pisgah VFD used our grant funds to purchase extrication stabilization equipment. This safety equipment has given our department the ability to now safely perform extrication operations without further harm to our community members and our first responders. Our first responders going home to their families at the end of every call is our ultimate priority.

F.I.W. Volunteer Fire Department (Butler 2018): Funds were used to purchase (15) 32 Channel Hand held two-way radios and pagers.

Fire Extinguisher Education (Butler 2021): The Greenville Fire Department used our grant funds to purchase a digital fire extinguisher training system. This digital training system has given us the ability to educate citizens and business owners in the area on how to properly use a fire extinguisher.

Firehouse Repairs – Shackleville VFD (Butler 2018): Purchase concrete, reinforcement materials -25x30x6 concrete slab for fire house truck bays.

Grateful for Greenville Mural (Butler 2021): Mid-South RC&D recently awarded the Greenville Area Chamber of Commerce a community grant in the amount of $4,350 to assist with the Chamber’s mural trail project in downtown Greenville. The mural project, which is currently a series of three murals, began in early 2020. The first mural, which is themed “HEY Y’ALL – SHARE THE LOVE” is located on the Safe Harbor building facing the Greenville Police Department. The “Share The Love” mural, which features colorful flowers that the city is known for – Camellias – “The Camellia City” was a collaboration between the Greenville Area Chamber of Commerce, local artist and business owner Stacey Edwards, and local sponsors: Butler County Commission for Economic Development, Camellia Communications, Dr. Jean Thompson, and Greenville Paint. The second mural, which will be funded with Mid South’s grant, is themed “Grateful for Greenville” and will be designed to look similar to a postcard featuring buildings, places and things that represent Greenville’s history, present and future. Muralist Michelle Black began work on the mural Monday. The “Grateful for Greenville” mural, which will take about four weeks to complete, will be located on the side of the Meadows & Co. building, in the heart of downtown Greenville. The “Grateful for Greenville” tagline was inspired by Greenville native, chamber board member, and local downtown business owner Danan Whiddon, and the motto has sort of transformed into a trend on social media #GratefulForGreenville. Greenville High School art teacher, Kayla Small and art students will assist with stages of the mural as part of a graded project and will assist the muralist in shifts throughout the mural project timeline. The Chamber and its board of directors is excited to see the mural trail come to life,” said GACOC Executive Director, Tracy Salter. “The Chamber board started tossing the idea around of murals in the area about two years ago and with the support of local building owners, sponsors and super talented artists, they are finally coming to life,” said Salter. “Murals create a tangible sense of place, destination, resulting in increased foot traffic while adding color, vibrancy, and character to a community,” said Salter. “Murals have the opportunity to tell the community’s story, create a unique experience, engage citizens, increase foot traffic and tourism, increase appreciation for the arts and artists, and increase overall attractiveness of the space. We’re so excited about the murals and the beauty they bring to Greenville – we’re thrilled to get to be a part of such a beautiful project, and can’t wait to see the finished products,” said Salter. Stay tuned to the Chamber’s Facebook page for updates on the mural project work/progress, sponsorship announcements, and details about the third mural, expected to begin in late spring/early summer. An official unveiling of the ‘Grateful for Greenville’ mural will be announced in the coming weeks.

Greenville High School Band Trailer (Butler 2020): The Greenville High School Band used our grant funds to purchase a new band trailer. This trailer has given us the ability to provide a crucial resource to more then 100 band members in our Program. https://greenvillehighschoolbands.webs.com/

Healthy Hands For Our Schools (Butler 2021): The Butler County Conservation District used our grant funds to purchase small bottles of hand sanitizer.  This has given us the ability to distribute 2,325 clip on hand sanitizers for grades 5th – 12th in every school in Butler County.  Students can clip these bottles to their book bags for easy use.

Healthy Living Families (Butler 2016): Purchased industrial equipment to train youth, grades 9-12, in healthy cooking, food preparation, canning, food preservation, and food safety. Equipment included refrigerator, freezer, and hand mixers.

Heart Start AED Grant (Butler 2021): The Shackleville Volunteer Fire Department Inc. used our grant funds to purchase a new AED with spare battery, 2 sets each of adult and pediatric pads/electrodes, and a backpack carry case.  This AED and accessories will be utilized in our primary and mutual aid response areas. This grant has given us the ability to provide a potential life saving device to  to more than 1500 residents of our community and our surrounding mutual aid communities..

Industry Community Center (Butler 2016): Purchase and install 32 new windows in the Industry Community/ Club Center located in Georgiana.

Old Time Farm Day (Butler 2016): This outdoor event hosts educational awareness on the importance of pollinators! The theme was Pollinators: Our Hardworking Heroes. Held on two scheduled dates, one day was for KIDS and one day for general public. Total outreach: 500-800 children and 1000-1500 general public.

Old Time Farm Day- October 2016 (Butler 2016): It’s a Family Affair! Greenville, Alabama was the location for Butler County’s Annual Old Time Farm Day. The two day weekend event features a Kid’s Day on Friday and general public on Saturday.   Butler County Soil and Water Conservation District set up a booth. This year’s theme was POLLINATORS – OUR HARDWORKING HEROES.  Hands on outdoor education activities included making bee and butterfly pollinators. Each child then “pollinated” a flower with “glitter” pollen. There were approximately 400 children present on Friday and 2,000 attendees on Saturday. Beautiful weather helped in making this another successful outreach opportunity in sharing conservation education for all ages!  Mid-South RC&D was there!

Old Time Farm Day-Dig Deeper (Butler 2015): To promote soil conservation and the awareness of the importance of soil in our daily lives.

Preserving Searcy School House (Butler 2015): To restore the Searcy Schoolhouse to the original and architectural design.

Replacing AEDs (Butler 2021): The Butler County School System used our grant funds to purchase ten new Zoll 3, AED’s and six wall mounting cabinets for them. This has given our schools a chance to upgrade the old AED’s that were at their ‘end of life’ time span. This has brought our six existing school campuses up to date and therefore providing a safer environment for all our students, staff and campus visitors.  

Roll Up Doors to Enhance Safety (Butler 2020): The Shackleville Volunteer Fire Departyment used the grant funds to purchase two roll-up firehouse doors and nine High Visibility Traffic Safety Vests.  With this grant funding the doors and safety vest our firefighter’s safety and efficiency will be enhanced.

Rose Memorial Library (Butler 2020): The city of Georgiana, in conjunction with the Three Arts Club, used our funds to purchase children’s books for the Rose Memorial Library.  These books have helped us increase the number of volunteers and patrons in our library.

Safety Procurement (Butler 2021): The Greenville Fire Department used our grant funds to purchase 5 sets of turnout gear for our firefighters. This equipment has given us the ability to provide protective clothing for our firefighters as they fight fires in our community.

Sammy Soil Costume (Butler 2015): To purchase a Sammy Soil Costume for educational programs.

Sensory Playground (Butler 2019): To enhance the Special Education Department’s facilities by purchasing sensory playground items for children with autism, sensory disorders, and physical limitations.

Smokey Bear Suit (Butler 2018): Purchased a Smokey Bear Suit to assist foresters in providing public education awareness on fire prevention and fire readiness in schools, special events and communities throughout Butler County.

The Reading Tree (Butler 2019): To purchase materials to construct “The Reading Tree” deck and benches for an outdoor reading classroom that accommodates up to two full classes of students at a time.

Town of McKenzie VFD (Butler 2019): Purchased truck, two (2) mounted and five (5) digital hand radios for the Town of McKenzie VFD to use for their service of and protection of the citizens of McKenzie and surrounding areas.