4-H Bob White Quail Project (Elmore 2016): Mid-South RC&D Council, Inc. partnered with Alabama Covey Rise Chapter of Quail Forever in support of the pilot grant program – 4-H Bob White Quail Project. Incubator, water reserve system for incubator, plastic quail egg trays, signage and quail eggs were budget items requested. Diminishing Bob White Quail in Alabama has created the need for program development in education awareness in repopulation and habitat conservation. Elmore County Extension 4-H youth, with professional and volunteer supervision, hatched, brooded and released quail onto protected quail habitat property. Mid-South RC&D was there!

4-H Bob White Quail Project (Elmore 2016): Mid-South RC&D partnered with Alabama Covey Rise Chapter of Quail Forever to fund an incubator, water reserve system for incubator, plastic quail egg trays, signage, and quail eggs. Diminishing Bob White Quail in Alabama has created a need for repopulation and education on conservation of the species. Elmore County Extension 4-H youth with supervision hatched, brooded, and released quail onto protected quail habitat property.

Ag and Career Education Days (Elmore 2018): ACES-ELMORE-Funds used to provide transportation for students and educational event materials.

Alabama Wildlife Federation Conservation Education and Live Animal Encounter Resource Materials (Elmore 2019): Purchased materials and equipment to use in delivery of outdoor educational programs at Alabama Nature Center.

Birding Trails Interpretive Panels (Elmore, Lee 2019): Panels were installed in Elmore and Lee Counties to provide a learning interpretive site for visitors’ bird watching.

Bobwhite Quail Project (Elmore 2018): Purchased bobwhite quail day old chicks and quail eggs to educate 4-H youth on environmental stewardship and conservation education.

CERT Training Programs (Elmore 2019): Purchased training supplies needed for Pro Pac CERT backpacks and CERT neck wallets to equip CERT trained citizens for safety and emergency responses in times of emergency or disaster.

City of Millbrook Park and Recreation Project (Elmore 2019): Purchased twelve (12) park benches and twenty (20) trash receptacles for Millbrook Park for use by citizens who frequent the park, walking trail, and picnic pavilion.

Communications Enhancements for Elmore County (Elmore 2020): The Elmore County Fire Fighters Association used funds purchased a new VHF repeater for the Elmore County Amateur Radio Emergency Service and a new VHF repeater for Volunteer Fire Departments in the South end of Elmore County. The funds also purchased a new, commercial quality antenna for the Elmore County ARES repeater and the associated coaxial cables, connectors, lighting arresting equipment, as well as the programming software to allow end-user maintenance of the repeater.Since the new repeater for the South Repeater was a replacement for an existing repeater, no additional cabling was required. Installation costs from Hurricane electronics, as well as a rack, surge protector, battery backup equipment and lightning protection equipment are included in the cost. This equipment increased our capabilities to communicate both with firefighters during emergency and non emergency situations and our local amateur radio group to communicate efficiently and clearly during response to their duties. Without receipt of these funds, we would not be able to provide the ability to purchase this equipment.

Community AEDs (Elmore 2021): The Tallassee Fire Department purchased 7 automatic external defibrillators (AEDs) for use in the Tallassee community. Tallassee Fire Department received 2 of these devices to be placed on our Fire trucks. Tallassee Police Department received 1 for use by patrol officers and the remaining 4 were placed 1 each for use at the Tallassee SeniorCenter, Tallassee Community Library, Tallassee Recreation Center, and Tallassee City Hall. All city personnel will receive CPR and AED training once the pandemic allows our staff to safely do so. These devices are portable and will be used at any community event and are stored in secure cabinets and available in public access areas of our city. These devices have increased public access to early defibrillation in the case of cardiac events. Our entire City and visitors will benefit from this grant award.

Coosada Park Enhancements (Elmore 2021): The Town of Coosada used grant funds to purchase a backstop and security surveillance for the Coosada Park.

EA Outdoor Seating, School Disinfecting (Elmore 2021): Edgewood Academy used our grant funds to install touchless water bottle refill stations, outdoor lunch / class seating, and classroom disinfectant. These purchases helped greatly, enabling us to maximize the space on our campus and minimize the impact of COVID on our students and faculty, with very little interruption to normal operations.

Eclectic FD EMS cardiac monitor (Elmore 2021): We completed purchasing the new monitor and all needed consumable supplies.  After a period of training and learning the unit, it was placed in service and has been in service since February 18.  During that time, it has been used to evaluate and treat over 40 patients. The timing turned out to be quite fortuitous.  During the training period, we were running the old 13 year old unit in parallel with the one purchased with this grant.  In that overlap time, the old unit experienced a failure in a key functional area.  Having the new unit onhand kept the ambulance from going out of service for an extended period of time.

Elmore County myEMAapp (Elmore 2020): Elmore County Emergency Management Agency (EMA) created the Elmore County myEMAapp to help our office better communicate messages to our organizations and community. The app provides a variety of preparedness, readiness, response, and recovery functions that are easy to access within the app. We developed the myEMAapp using grant funding provided by our partners with MidSouth RC&D who delivers needed resources to the citizens of our county. That means… the app is free to download for anyone using Apple of Google Store to find it just search for “Elmore EMA” .

Elmore County Volunteer Fire Department Handheld Thermal Imaging Camera (Elmore 2016): Purchase an ISG x 380 Handheld Thermal Imaging Camera to locate trapped persons, hot spots in house/building, lost elderly or impaired persons.

Emergency Equipment (Elmore 2022): The Red Hill Volunteer Fire Department was able to purchase vital emergency response equipment thanks to the grant provided by Midsouth RC&D. This equipment includes rescue struts, light towers,  a demolition saw and a emergency generator. This equipment will increase our response capability and allow us to operate in a safer manner while rendering aid to the 1000 residents in our coverage area as well as those passing through.

Fain Senior Center Renovation (Elmore 2016): Purchase and install items for renovation, including ceiling fans, shelving, doors for front entrance, exit door, four internal doors, room petitions, and refinish of floors for entire center.

Freezer Acquisition (Elmore 2015): To purchase a new 3 door freezer.

Funtastic Fort Park and Carrville Skate Park (Elmore 2016): Supplies to repair park fence and replace woodchips. Repair of fence provided a safer play area for children. New woodchips added to the visual and environmental presence.

Girl Scouts Archery Range Safety Upgrade (Elmore 2022): Girl Scouts of Southern Alabama used our grant funds to construct a safety barrier around our archery range at Kamp Kiwanis located at Lake Martin.   This project has given us the ability to provide archery instruction, classes, and programs to at least 500 or more Girl Scouts and community members in a safe manner. 

Hands on Liberty in Elmore County Schools (Elmore 2022): The Liberty Learning Foundation used grant funds to purchase Educational Training, Tshirts, and Event Services for the concluding Celebration/Graduation events providing 35 second-grade classrooms in 5 Elmore County Elementary Schools with the Hands on Liberty Program.

Hands on Liberty in Elmore County Schools (Elmore 2020): The Liberty Learning Foundation used our grant funds to provide the Hands on Liberty Program (a civics and character education program) to 34 second grade classrooms within all five elementary schools in Elmore County.

Kids ‘N Ag (Elmore 2015): To provide 4-6 grade students the opportunity to learn about agriculture.

Kowaliga Volunteer Fire Department (Elmore 2016): Fire department needed an onsite ice machine to provide cold water during extreme heat for fire fighters.

Leadership Elmore (Elmore 2015): To distribute brochures highlighting outdoor activities in Elmore County to attract Tourism.

Life is Why (Elmore 2022): Adullam International Ministries used our grant funds to purchase equipment to provide high-quality CPR, First Aid & AED training to our teachers, nursery workers, and management staff. This valuable training increases the safety and quality of life of our children, staff, and the community we serve.

Parks and Recreation Kids Kingdom Umbrella Shades (Elmore 2020): The City of Millbrook has spent the last 24 plus months renovating the Kids Kingdom Park.  This park is the children’s park attached to Millbrook’s main Village Green Park.  While there are some trees, the Park’s double benches and single bench areas, and the children’s triple slides and play equipment have no shade.  The object of the Mid-South RC&D Grant funds has been to provide Park Umbrella Shades over three main areas of the park which have benches and the kid’s triple slides.  The shades will provided protection from the intense heat effecting the triple slides, while also providing shade for families over the double and single bench areas.  The children will be able to play with the play equipment being overheated rendering it non-useable.

Redland VFD- Phase 2 (Elmore 2019): Purchased extraction equipment for Station 2, which will also be shared with three other departments.

Revitalization of Crenshaw Park’s Recreational Activities for Children (Elmore 2022): The Elmore County Commission used grant funds provided by Mid-South RC&D to purchase playground equipment and provide safety enhancements at Crenshaw Park. The new playground structures promote balance, hand-eye coordination, agility and rhythm. The improvements to the playground area will allow the residents in our community to learn through play, promote health and physical fitness by encouraging families to get outside and be active. Crenshaw Park is located in Wetumpka, Alabama. The population served within a five-mile radius of the park is 20,567. Thank you to Mid-South RC&D for investing in our community and giving our citizens the opportunity to enjoy the beauty that is in Elmore County.

Road Improvements for Middle Rd. / Madix Drive (Elmore 2019): Funds were used to fully implement the road improvements needed to make travel conditions on Middle Rd. and Madix Dr. easier for all drivers.

Santuck VFD Supply Line (Elmore 2019): Purchased supply hose to equip pumpers and tanks which will provide a greater level of fire protection to the community.

Sparking the Arts-Elmore County Youth Art Show (Elmore 2018): Purchase display panels w/storage facility, awards, printing, scholarships.

Tallassee Mills Preservation (Elmore 2018): Preservation of 1884 Tallassee Mill – removing stair well, window casements, repair windows, doors, tilling debris.

Tulotoma Snail Trail Phase One Mural (Elmore 2018): Funds used to paint murals for Downtown Main Street Wetumpka, Alabama.

Waters to the Sea: Discovering AL (Elmore 2015): To provide copies of the newly released interactive DVD “Water to the Sea.”