2016 Lee County Water Festival (Lee 2016): Along with Mid-South RC&D, many other organizations/individuals contributed to the success of the water festival, held at the Beard Eaves Coliseum at Auburn University. Over 1350 students, 20 teachers, and 120 volunteers attended. The focus was on conservation and preservation of natural resources & stewardship ethics to all aspects of surface water, groundwater, wetlands, forestry, and wildlife, including Mini-Filtration system, H20 Cycle bracelet, Edible Aquifer, and a Conservation Educational Magic Show.

Alabama Rivers: Celebration through Education (Lee 2020): The Alabama Water Watch Association (alabamawaterwatch.org) used our grant funds to purchase copies of the book, Alabama Rivers: A Celebration & Challenge, and to cover printing costs for the curriculum, An Educator’s Guide to Alabama Rivers, that will be provided to 200 educators who participate in future workshops. The resources provided through this project will enable educators to teach thousands of 4th – 12th grade students about the value of Alabama’s water resources in relation to our State’s history, culture, environment, and economy for many years to come.

Auburn Beautification Council Renovation of Rouse Corley Garden (Lee 2019): Purchased new fencing, plant materials, & concrete benches to renovate the Garden.

Basketball Goals for Underserved Youth Education, Mentorship and Tutoring (Lee 2021): The Family Enrichment Center of Loachapoka requested of the Mid-South RC&D funds for the purchase of basketball goals to enhance the community and offer educational benefits through the Education Grant. The project began in earnest in October after funds were approved.  We got an additional quote from vendors and the goals were ordered.  The work was completed in late December of 2020 with follow-up documentation being provided today. We are grateful for the support through this program and hope that members will visit the facility whenever possible to see the good work being done.  

Birding Trails Interpretive Panels (Elmore, Lee 2019): Panels were installed in Elmore and Lee Counties to provide a learning interpretive site for visitors’ bird watching.

Connecting People and Food (Lee 2015): To provide information and hands on activities that promote a healthy lifestyle for children and adults.

Connecting Youth to Nature through Journaling and the Arts (Lee 2020): The Lee County Historical Society used our grant funds to purchase the supplies with which to offer youth a summer camp that focuses on observing and exploring nature through expository, poetry and descriptive writing, as well as through the visual arts using drawing, sketching, and water colors. During the coming year(s), we plan on involving approximately 25 to 50 youth or more per year in these programs.  We have not been able to provide the youth program to date due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Drones (Lee 2021): We purchased 6 Drones, extra batteries and chargers, and a competition obstacle course to use with our Lee County 4-H youth.  These supplies have been a resource to get back into several classrooms and continues to support our education of STEM activities.

Elder Abuse and Neglect Awareness Event (Lee 2018): Grant funds used to support Elder Abuse and Neglect Awareness Month Event.

Emergency County Wide Drone Support (Lee 2022): The Lee County Emergency Management Agency used our grant funds to purchase a Matrice 300 RTK drone. This drone has given us the ability to provide aerial support to our First Responder Partners both fire and law enforcement.

Experiencing History Phase I (Lee 2016): Mid-South RC&D and Lee County Historical Society partnered to complete this project. Educational signage and displays were purchased for a circa 1830 Creek Indian Log Home. The Creek Indian Log Home is located at the Pioneer Park in Loachapoka, Alabama.

Experiencing History Phase I & II (Lee 2016): Preserving history through restoration is part of the Mid-South RC&D Council, Inc. mission and vision. Lee County Historical Society (LCHS) owns and operates the Pioneer Park located in  Loachapoka, Alabama.   A renovated circa 1830 Creek Indian Log Home had been restored and moved to the park. To complete the project for general public access, needs included signage, displays, and handicap ramps. The Society hosts 12 Second Saturday Events, school field trips and a fall festival annually. Completion of the LCHS project enhanced the opportunities for additional access needs, created and expanded exhibits for educational awareness to the customs and lifestyle of the Creek in a historical museum for school age students and general public.

Heimlich Heroes (Lee 2018): Curriculum materials to train and educate 4-H youth in the Heimlich Maneuver were purchased with grant funds.

Lee County Extension (Lee 2018): Funds supported the purchase of a refrigerator / freezer to accommodate children and adults attending classes, meetings, or other programs.

Lee County Extension (Lee 2018): Purchase a double oven stove to provide diabetic cooking classes in partnership with East Alabama Medical Center.

Lee County Soil Health Workshop (Lee 2018): Purchased soil health test kits, infiltration kits, slake test kits for soil health workshop.

Lee County Water Festival (Lee 2018): Grant funds used to educate 4th graders about the effects of unclean water/water ways including the Amazing Water Planet Magic Show.

Lee County Water Festival (Lee 2021): The Lee County Water Festival used our grants funds to reach 1000 students. We took educational items such as workbooks, activities, water bottles, hand sanitizers, and draw string backpacks. Each teacher also received baskets with the same items plus one extra activity to show the kids.

Lee County Water Festival (Lee 2015): Festival to educate children on the role of surface and groundwater cycle.

Life Skills (Lee 2020): The Lee County Extension System used our funds to purchase updated equipment for our Educational room.   Once we are able to meet face to face we will have the ability to provide Life Skills to more than 700 residents but, due to COVID19 we have not been able to provide Life Skills to the residents of our communities and we do not have pictures of groups.

New Home “Old Nancy” 1904 Steam Tractor (Lee 2022): The Museum of East Alabama used our grant to fund the building of a pavilion to house 1904 steam tractor “Old Nancy”.  “Old Nancy” has been designated as a historical artifact by the state of Alabama. The pavilion will not only house “old Nancy” but will also exhibit other historical farm implements of East Central Alabama. Auburn University Art Department will have their students paint a 13 by 36 mural to highlight agriculture of East Central Alabama. The grant will enable to expand the visitors to the museum and expect to have over 5,000 visitors this year.

Our Rich History (Lee 2019): Purchased materials for school field trips, music programs, archaeology camp workbooks, and supplies for children who attend on-site Saturday field trips, and a summer archaeology camp.

Saving Historic Downtown Loachapoka (Lee 2020): The Lee County Historical Society used Mid-South RC & D grant funds to partially restore one of two historic buildings in Loachapoka that were in danger of being lost to deterioration. The building restored will become a community meeting hall and will be available to the public for educational activities, music events, presentations, lectures, and other meetings. Although the COVID-19 virus prevented some of the restoration (windows and doors are on back order), the building is well on the way to being open to the public with the installation of heat/air, insulation, septic system, replacing or repairing rotten boards, new electrical wiring.

Storage Shed (Lee 2019): Purchased shed to house all educational items used to teach 4-H clubs in Lee County.

Technology Update Loachapoaka Library (Lee 2015): To purchase ipad airs for Loachapoka Library.

The Lee County Ground Water Festival Magic Show (Lee 2019): Funded the Amazing Water Planet Magic Show to teach 4th graders about the effects of unclean water in our waterways.

Virtual Reality Kits (VR kits) (Lee 2020): Lee County 4-H, Auburn University purchased a virtual reality kit (VR kit) through our RC&D grant for use in our 4-H programs.  This kit is used in our 4-H clubs to take a deeper look into our topics.