4-H Pedal Power Project (Macon 2021): The Macon County 4-H program used grant funds to purchase 10 hybrid bikes with cycling equipment/gear, which has helped us establish a Macon County 4-H Cycling Club of over 75 members and counting, including youth and adults. This project aims to educate both youth and adults on the safety of cycling, promote healthy living initiatives, enhance tourism, and empower citizens to take pride in their community.

4-H Pedal Project 2.0 (Macon 2022): The Macon County 4-H program used our grant funds to purchase 10 bikes for elementary & middle school-aged youth, T-shirts for all cycling participants, an enclosed trailer to transport bikes for rides in different locations, and for medals & prizes for winners of the Macon County 4-H Bike Week culminating activities. These items have helped to expand our 4-H cycling efforts throughout Macon County to over 200 direct youth and adult participants. We have also helped to bring awareness to cycling as another recreational option in Macon County which has helped to establish partnerships with other stakeholders in not only Macon County but the region. Many of our 4-H Cycling programming efforts are captured on social media outlets. Please check us out on Facebook at www.Facebook.com/4HMaconCounty   

Automatic Defibrillator Project (Macon 2019): Purchased and put into service two (2) AFO devices, at the Little Texas VFD, to enable the ability to respond when needed for cardiac emergencies.

District 3 Multi-purpose Trail and Picnic Tables (Macon 2018): Purchased materials needed to provide a crusher run multi-purpose walking trail and picnic tables.

District 4’s Multi – Purpose Trail (Macon 2019): Funds were used to construct a multi-purpose trail, at an existing community facility, for citizens to use as they exercise and fellowship.

Emergency Management Vehicle Purchase (Macon 2020):

Enviroscape Education (Macon 2019): Purchased life-like replicas of water sheds to teach conservation education in K-12 classrooms throughout Macon County.

FARM SCHOOL PROJECT (Macon 2022): The Town of Shorter and Shorter Community Outreach Program partnered  with Matthew Steele Farms using this grant to teach the D.C. Wolfe Elementary School students about developing a garden, using those items to promote healthy eating habits, and business/financial aspects of running a produce farm.

Fishing for Families (MCSWCD) (Macon 2018): Grant awards used to stock pond and site enhancement for general public use.

Fort Davis Railroad Depot Restoration Project. (Macon 2022): The Fort Davis Alabama Historical Society (FDAHS) used our grant funds to purchase materials and labor for external repairs to the Fort Davis Railroad Depot (i.e. door repair/replacement, window repair/replacement, stripping of existing paint, and re-painting the external portions of the Depot). These renovations have instilled a sense of pride and appreciation for the history of Fort Davis. For exmaple, the FDAHS recently welcomed a local church group to tour the outside of the Depot and learn about the history of Fort Davis.

Macon County Farmer’s Market Upgrade (Macon 2019): Funds were used to upgrade crush run materials in the parking area of the farmer’s market for safety, as well as, to upgrade parking areas.

Macon County Safety Day (Macon 2016): Macon County City Park was the location site for Progressive Ag Safety Day event 11 May 2016. The Safety Day included eight outdoor education stations-Internet Safety, Bus Safety, Firearm Safety, Drug Safety, Health Rock and Food Safety. What a great day for180 students and 30 volunteers sharing and learning at the Macon County Progressive Ag Safety Day!! Mid-South RC&D was there!!

Mobile Community Garden (TULIP) (Macon 2016): Purchase a portable storage structure and supplies to create the mobile community garden.

Personal Protective Equipment for Firefighters and Community (Macon 2021): Little Texas VFD purchased personal protective equipment (PPE) from vendor Bama-Bio Tech.  This consisted of N95 face masks and hand sanitizer in various sizes to meet the need of COVID-19 in our community.

Progressive Ag Safety Day (Macon 2016): Macon County City Park was the outdoor venue for the event. Secure materials to enhance and provide a safe location for the 150 students and 30 volunteers. Checkpoint stations included GEM Safety, Bus Safety, Gun Safety, Drug Safety, Health Safety, Food Safety and Internet Safety.

Temp Times (Macon 2021): The Macon County Soil and Water  Conservation District purchased 120 thermometers, 6 first aid kit and batteries for all thermometers and refills.  All 6 schools in Macon County will benefit from these items, thus helping protect students, faculty and community.  This will help enable them to return to a normal in person setting for school.

Tuskegee Women’s Agriculture Project (Macon 2016): Purchase two wheel tractor (BCS 739), a 26” tiller & bedder attachment. The project trains women in farm equipment use, teaches crop production strategies, and develops mentors. Equipment overview, hands on demos & soil management training provided by a BCS Representative & field conservationist. Six farms have equipment access.