You can make things happen too, become a game changer! There are many opportunities to get involved with your local RC&D Council. People from all walks of life are making changes in their communities and you can join them. Whether you live in the city or the country, and whether you’re a school council member, business owner, farmer, landowner, or a consumer, there’s a place for you in RC&D.

You may already be involved in a community project which could benefit from RC&D Program involvement or assistance. Your local RC&D may be able to provide technical assistance or funding or put you in touch with private and public organizations which can help your group reach its goals. You may also want to consider working with the RC&D Council in your community to develop new projects together.

To find out more about the Mid-South RC&D program, contact us:

Mid-South RC&D Council, Inc.

Mid-South RC&D Council, Inc.
2740 Central Parkway
Montgomery, AL 36106
Phone: 334.356.1855