Please fill out the information below. You must fill out this form AND the next form in order to finalize the project. The content submitted on THIS page will be made public (after review). Please use the “Media Statement” section to include one or two sentences about your project. Make sure that you identify the name of your organization. Example: “The Lee County Chamber of Commerce used our grant funds to purchase ____. This ____ has given us the ability to provide ____ to 200 more residents of our communities.” Don’t say it like this: We used grant funds to do ____. “

Please include people in your photos if possible. We’re looking for photos that involve people using the materials that the grants have paid for.

If you have a link to a website, please feel free to include it here as well. Once you’ve completed this section, you’ll be taken to the final project submission page to complete the report.

Be sure to include an image–jpeg or png files only, please. You’ll have an opportunity to submit additional information on the next page after filling in this section.