Autauga County Friends of the Forest (Autauga): Weeklong opportunity for students to learn about natural resources through educational activities—Classroom to Field. Activities included Flag a Tree, Nobody Lives Here, Why Does That Matter, and All Things Need Space. 500 students and 40 volunteers participated. Event was located at Jimmy & Martha Hughes’ property.

Autauga County Water Festival (Autauga): Students attended the annual water festival, participated in activities, and the highlighted magic show, Fishing Magician. 850 students and 75 volunteers learned about natural resource conservation.

Feral Swine Pilot Project (Autauga): Purchase a Hog Eye camera and trap gate for an education trailer. The presentation will provide landowners awareness to the opportunities available for assistance in eradication of predatory hogs.

Pine-Level-Marbury Park (Autauga): Purchase concrete material to develop accessible pedestrian routes and handicap accessible parking,

Prattville Storm Water Partnership (Autauga): Oversee the implementation of the MS4 plan as written by Hydro Engineering Solutions. Educational training in the SWMP permit process and implementation of permit requirements was provided for the City of Prattville personnel.

Autauga Creek Embankment Geotextile Project (Autauga): Purchase Flexamat (Geotextile Material) for installation along bank area of Autauga Creek.

Bullock County Water Festival (Bullock): Support The Environmental Magician Show to teach students the importance in environmental responsibility.

Art Supplies for Students (Bullock): Conecuh Springs Christian School reached out to Mid-South. The need was art supplies to be used to teach art education to approximately 100 diverse students K-12.

Educating Our Future Conservation Stewards at the Alabama Nature Center (Bullock): Funds supported 200 students from Union Springs Elementary School K-4 to attend the Lanark Nature Center in Elmore County, Alabama

Senior Fitness (Bullock): Purchase treadmills, exercise bikes, exercise videos, and mental fitness games. Approximately 110 seniors served in two Senior Centers.

Red Door Theatre Student Camp (Bullock): Supported a weeklong summer camp for 11 students. With professional staff, camp provided training in acting, dancing, vocal skills, theatrical design, sound & artistic skills.

TAP Computer Training Center (Bullock): Grant funds were used to purchase iPad Mini’s, 26 Headphones, and 11 monitors, which replaced outdated equipment. Education in computer skills development and training for adults and students are provided at the center.

Alabama Forestry Commission County Fire Support (Bullock): Purchase an ice machine to serve the Alabama Forestry Commission (AFC) and county Volunteer Fire Department (VFD). AFCCFS assists both service organizations during training and when being dispatched to fires in Bullock County. Over 100 people served with over 15 plus events/year.

Thermal Image Camera (Bullock): Union Springs Fire Department used purchased a Thermal Image Camera that enables firemen to locate a fire through heavy smoke, find hotspots & fire victims, and victims diagnosed with dementia.

Chromebooks for Students (Bullock): Purchase 20 Chromebooks for a school in Bullock County to assist in educational technology upgrade for students K-12 due to lack of current funding availability.

Preservation of Searcy Schoolhouse (Butler): Replaced window damage and broken window panes. Schoolhouse provides a location for the community events and services over 100 people and 55 events/year.

Conserve Alabama with Ruby and Sammy (Butler): Students in Butler County Schools are taught soil and water conservation and preservation. Targeted classes are K-5. Funds are used to purchase Sammy Soil and Ruby Raindrop magnets and flashlights for soil tunnel. Outreach estimation 500-800 students.

Town of McKenzie-Color Printer/Fax/Scanner (Butler): Purchase a color printer with fax and scanner options. Outreach in community is approximately 700.

Georgiana School-Art is Education (Butler): Purchase art supplies for students, K-12. Approximately 150 students per week will benefit this school year.

City of Georgiana Police Car (Butler): Mid-South RC&D partnered in support of the purchase of a police car for the City of Georgiana. The City assists in the safety of law enforcement and of the citizens of the City of Georgiana.

Outdoor Education Resource Materials for Lanark Field Days at the Alabama Nature Center (Elmore): Purchase materials/equipment for outdoor educational programs at the ANC. Programs include the Pollinator Program with live hives and extraction of honey, the wildlife, woodland and water theme programs for the field days. 11,371 people supported by 300 events annually.

Tallassee Mills Preservation (Elmore): Remove rubbish and vegetation in and around the 1844 Mill.

Purchase of Extrication Equipment for Redland Volunteer Fire Department (Elmore): Funds were used to purchase Extrication Equipment.

4-H IS Wild About Alabama (Elmore): Purchase educational materials for First Aid, Map Reading and Navigation, Compass Orienteering, Prep and Cook on Open Fire, Creating A Shelter, Fishing, Emergency Response, to support the Outdoor Classroom. Outreach for 4-H Kids annually: 120 Youth-4 events plus/year.

Elmore County Natural Resources Events (Elmore): Supported two outdoor educational events on natural resources: (1) Friends of the Forest Event for 5th grade students: Students rotated through stations such as Flag A Tree, Oh Deer, Skins & Skulls. (2) Farm Tour for Adults with workshops on longleaf pine, hardwood, pond and wildlife management.

Covered Deck and Porch With Fan-Wetumpka Fain Senior Center (Elmore): Provided materials and construction for a 16x30x6 covered porch with roof and rails for Wetumpka Fain Senior Center.

Quick Strut Safety System (Elmore): Purchase the Quick Strut Safety System for the Kowaliga Volunteer Fire Department. System provides firefighters the capability to stabilize vehicles in an overturn or unbalanced vehicle to aid in extraction of accident victim.

Community Ice Machine Project (Lee): Purchase an Ice Machine for Lee County Extension Office for use during educational and training events. These include, but not limited to, 4-H classes and Adult Diabetic Classes.

Lee County Water Festival (Lee): Support the Amazing Water Magic Show. The festival outreach is over 1000 4th grade students that attend Lee County Schools. The objective was to teach students the importance of environmental responsibility.

Building Resources Through the Improvement of the Library (Lowndes): Help with upgrade in technology at Hayneville/Lowndes County Public Library.

Calico Fort Amphitheater (Lowndes): Purchase and install bleachers, overhead lighting, fans, and sound system with microphones. Outreach circulation is several thousand visitors by hosting 4 or 5 events a year.

Chisholm Handicap Walking /Fishing Park (Macon): Materials to construct a Fishing Deck and Walking Trail that will be accessible to all youth and adults, regardless of their disability.

Mobile Pantry Exercise, Nutrition and Diet Project (Montgomery): Purchase 504 cookbooks which provide recipes/tips on eating healthy on $4/day with distribution circulation throughout the Mid-South RC&D Council Area.

Protecting Youth Through Violence Prevention Outreach (Montgomery): One-day conference targeting school administrators as attendees. Event was held at Auburn University in Montgomery, Topics addressed were bullying, cyberbullying, and suicide affecting young people.

MCSO Youth Learning Conservation and Education Program (Montgomery): Purchase fish, tents, rods, reels, bait, tackle, insect spray, sun block and more for the 2017 Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Annual Fishing Rodeo. Youth learned the technique to casting with a fishing rod and reel, knot tying techniques and proper bait/lure selection. Upon graduation from the classes, all received a certificate of completion and their own rod and reel combo set. Annual Outreach is over 400 participants and 5 events.

Montgomery County Forage and Water Quality Series (Montgomery): Funds were used to purchase weed identity books, chemical sprayers and GPS device to educate livestock producers on how their forage management impacts water quality and economic outlook.

Flatwood Park & Community Center (Montgomery): Mid-South RC&D Grant funds assisted with the purchase and installation of adult fitness equipment. Equipment purchased included a chest press, hand cycle, elliptical cardio walker, chin-up bar and a push-up bar.

Highland Gardens Park Shelter (Montgomery): Purchase materials to construct a park shelter and table for hosting outdoor events for residents, family, and friends.

Reach One Teach One (Montgomery): Funds were used to purchase Refurbished IPad Mini 2 Wi-Fi 16 GB-space gray, Apple Care + IPad (30), Cart IPad, and IPad Mini, and robotic kits to provide classes in modern technology to improve the quality of life for seniors and youth. Youth will teach seniors in areas of IPad usage /social media while connecting positive communication between the generations. Youth will be taught coding by senior mentors to assist youth in programming robots built by youth.