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Alabama Rivers: Celebration through Education (Lee): The Alabama Water Watch Association ( used our grant funds to purchase copies of the book, Alabama Rivers: A Celebration & Challenge, and to cover printing costs for the curriculum, An Educator’s Guide to Alabama Rivers, that will be provided to 200 educators who participate in future workshops. The resources provided through this project will enable educators to teach thousands of 4th – 12th grade students about the value of Alabama’s water resources in relation to our State’s history, culture, environment, and economy for many years to come.

Annual Bullock County Kid’s Fishing Derby (Bullock): The Bullock County Annual Kid’s Fishing Derby promotes sense of community and team work among youth participants and mentors. Fishing activities provided teach children lessons in the fields of biology, zoology, chemistry and environmental science. They also learn responsibility, independence, respect for nature and living creatures and how their actions impact our society. The fishing derby also teaches youth participants an appreciation for nature and skills required to fish. Through fishing, youth participants will also learn about morals, life lessons, and problem solving skills. Youth participants are able to build confidence and learn patience as well as physical and technical skills, including balance and coordination.

Autauga County Master Gardeners Association Community Gardens (Autauga): The Prattville-Autauga Demonstration/Community Gardens are major projects of the Autauga County Master Gardeners Association (ACMGA). Started in 2004, these food producing and ornamental gardens have been in constant production since that time and Master Gardeners donate on average 1,300 pounds of fresh food benefiting the limited-income families in the county. This project is helping create a community image that is perceived as positive by both residents and passersby and is creating opportunities for citizens to work together to improve their community.

Campus Indoor Security Cameras (Lowndes): Central Elementary School used grant funds to install indoor security cameras throughout our buildings as we have an open campus.  These funds have given us the ability to secure our campus for faculty, staff and students creating a more safe environment for all.

CERT Class (Autauga): Autauga EMA held a Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training class with grant provided by Mid-South. Class dates were from: 18 Jan 2020 – 7 March 2020. We had 16 people sign up for class, with 14 actually finishing and awarded course completion certificate.

Communications Enhancements for Elmore County (Elmore): The Elmore County Fire Fighters Association used funds purchased a new VHF repeater for the Elmore County Amateur Radio Emergency Service and a new VHF repeater for Volunteer Fire Departments in the South end of Elmore County. The funds also purchased a new, commercial quality antenna for the Elmore County ARES repeater and the associated coaxial cables, connectors, lighting arresting equipment, as well as the programming software to allow end-user maintenance of the repeater.Since the new repeater for the South Repeater was a replacement for an existing repeater, no additional cabling was required. Installation costs from Hurricane electronics, as well as a rack, surge protector, battery backup equipment and lightning protection equipment are included in the cost. This equipment increased our capabilities to communicate both with firefighters during emergency and non emergency situations and our local amateur radio group to communicate efficiently and clearly during response to their duties. Without receipt of these funds, we would not be able to provide the ability to purchase this equipment.

Connecting Youth to Nature through Journaling and the Arts (Lee): The Lee County Historical Society used our grant funds to purchase the supplies with which to offer youth a summer camp that focuses on observing and exploring nature through expository, poetry and descriptive writing, as well as through the visual arts using drawing, sketching, and water colors. During the coming year(s), we plan on involving approximately 25 to 50 youth or more per year in these programs.  We have not been able to provide the youth program to date due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Elmore County myEMAapp (Elmore): Elmore County Emergency Management Agency (EMA) created the Elmore County myEMAapp to help our office better communicate messages to our organizations and community. The app provides a variety of preparedness, readiness, response, and recovery functions that are easy to access within the app. We developed the myEMAapp using grant funding provided by our partners with MidSouth RC&D who delivers needed resources to the citizens of our county. That means… the app is free to download for anyone using Apple of Google Store to find it just search for “Elmore EMA” .

Emergency Management Vehicle Purchase (Macon):

Fire Education (Bullock): A new Smokey Bear costume for the Alabama Forestry Commission replaced the old suit that is falling apart and is very old.  This costume will be used to educate school children about fire safety.

Greenville High School Band Trailer (Butler): The Greenville High School Band used our grant funds to purchase a new band trailer. This trailer has given us the ability to provide a crucial resource to more then 100 band members in our Program.

Hands on Liberty in Elmore County Schools (Elmore): The Liberty Learning Foundation used our grant funds to provide the Hands on Liberty Program (a civics and character education program) to 34 second grade classrooms within all five elementary schools in Elmore County.

Life Skills (Lee): The Lee County Extension System used our funds to purchase updated equipment for our Educational room.   Once we are able to meet face to face we will have the ability to provide Life Skills to more than 700 residents but, due to COVID19 we have not been able to provide Life Skills to the residents of our communities and we do not have pictures of groups.

Parks and Recreation Kids Kingdom Umbrella Shades (Elmore): The City of Millbrook has spent the last 24 plus months renovating the Kids Kingdom Park.  This park is the children’s park attached to Millbrook’s main Village Green Park.  While there are some trees, the Park’s double benches and single bench areas, and the children’s triple slides and play equipment have no shade.  The object of the Mid-South RC&D Grant funds has been to provide Park Umbrella Shades over three main areas of the park which have benches and the kid’s triple slides.  The shades will provided protection from the intense heat effecting the triple slides, while also providing shade for families over the double and single bench areas.  The children will be able to play with the play equipment being overheated rendering it non-useable.

PCREP Family Fun Day (Montgomery): Alabama Cooperative Extension System at Alabama A&M University received grant funds from Mid-South RCD to provide reading materials and educational enhancements to Montgomery families with young children. The primary goal of the Parent Child Reading Enhancement Program (PCREP) Family Fun Day proposal was to extend outreach of the PCREP program series through a Family Fun Day event. The community expo highlighted the importance of teaching children ages 4 to 9 how to be successful and confident readers. At a PCREP Family Fun Day, children earn PCREP dollars (play money) from each educational activity they participate in to purchase books and other items at an on-site bookstore. The funds granted from Mid-South RC& D Council provided a PCREP Family Fun Day with residents of Paterson Court, a Montgomery Housing Authority community, and purchased books, puzzles, and other learning activities to increase the amount of reading materials and educational enhancements found in the homes of low-income parents in Montgomery County.

Re-contruction of the Front Porch and Columns at Pine Level Community Center (Autauga): Autauga County Commission, in partnership with the Pine Level Community Center Association, used the 2020 Mid-South Grant Award to re-construct the front porch and columns at the main entrance to the Community Center, which is also the accessible entrance.  It had suffered water damage; aging wood was crumbling; and it was unsafe to use.

Roll Up Doors to Enhance Safety (Butler): The Shackleville Volunteer Fire Departyment used the grant funds to purchase two roll-up firehouse doors and nine High Visibility Traffic Safety Vests.  With this grant funding the doors and safety vest our firefighter’s safety and efficiency will be enhanced.

Rose Memorial Library (Butler): The city of Georgiana, in conjunction with the Three Arts Club, used our funds to purchase children’s books for the Rose Memorial Library.  These books have helped us increase the number of volunteers and patrons in our library.

Saving Historic Downtown Loachapoka (Lee): The Lee County Historical Society used Mid-South RC & D grant funds to partially restore one of two historic buildings in Loachapoka that were in danger of being lost to deterioration. The building restored will become a community meeting hall and will be available to the public for educational activities, music events, presentations, lectures, and other meetings. Although the COVID-19 virus prevented some of the restoration (windows and doors are on back order), the building is well on the way to being open to the public with the installation of heat/air, insulation, septic system, replacing or repairing rotten boards, new electrical wiring.

Training Mannequins (Autauga): Autauga County EMA presented Rescue Randy, Casper the CPR Dog, and one adult CPR Water Rescue Mannequin to the Autauga County Rescue Squad to perform necessary training for their members. The grant from Mid-South was greatly appreciated by all participants in Autauga County.

Virtual Reality Kits (VR kits) (Lee): Lee County 4-H, Auburn University purchased a virtual reality kit (VR kit) through our RC&D grant for use in our 4-H programs.  This kit is used in our 4-H clubs to take a deeper look into our topics.