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4-H Pedal Power Project (Macon): The Macon County 4-H program used grant funds to purchase 10 hybrid bikes with cycling equipment/gear, which has helped us establish a Macon County 4-H Cycling Club of over 75 members and counting, including youth and adults. This project aims to educate both youth and adults on the safety of cycling, promote healthy living initiatives, enhance tourism, and empower citizens to take pride in their community.

A Playground for Our Precious Pre-K (Butler): The Butler County School System used our grant funds to purchase playground equipment. This playground equipment has given us the ability to provide access to outdoor play for our pre-k children in the school system.

Basketball Goals for Underserved Youth Education, Mentorship and Tutoring (Lee): The Family Enrichment Center of Loachapoka requested of the Mid-South RC&D funds for the purchase of basketball goals to enhance the community and offer educational benefits through the Education Grant. The project began in earnest in October after funds were approved.  We got an additional quote from vendors and the goals were ordered.  The work was completed in late December of 2020 with follow-up documentation being provided today. We are grateful for the support through this program and hope that members will visit the facility whenever possible to see the good work being done.  

Butler County Public Radio Improvements (Butler): The Butler County Commission used our grant funds to purchase 25 new mobile radios. This new communication equipment has given us the ability to assist four volunteer fire departments in our county. These radios went to serve the Garland, Starlington, Boilling, Sand Cut, Wald, Mashville, and Midway communities in Butler County.

Cataloging System for Educational Research (Autauga): The Prattaugan Museum, located in downtown Prattville in the Historic District, requested a grant from the RC&D Council to provide cataloging software and archival materials for our collection. Until this time, our extensive collection of literature, artifacts, historical texts and vertical files did not have an accessible way to digitally search them. Thanks to the generous grant from RC&D, we were able to obtain the Atrium Automation Integrated Library System for cataloging, barcodes, security sensors, a library scanner, archival storage boxes, artifact tags, and an iPad for maneuverability while cataloging throughout the Museum. These materials were purchased, and cataloging began in the Fall of 2021. While cataloging is an ongoing process for a museum, our current catalog is now online and accessible to search from the museum or from home. Every printed material has a barcode and is labeled and located in a manner which makes searching simple and accessible to everyone. Our archival storage is being tagged and stored in the archival boxes which were purchased, insuring their preservation and organization for future exhibits. The Autauga County Heritage Association, along with all of Autauga County and beyond owes a tremendous debt of gratitude to the RC&D Council for their generous support in making this grant possible for the benefit of the whole community.

Community AEDs (Elmore): The Tallassee Fire Department purchased 7 automatic external defibrillators (AEDs) for use in the Tallassee community. Tallassee Fire Department received 2 of these devices to be placed on our Fire trucks. Tallassee Police Department received 1 for use by patrol officers and the remaining 4 were placed 1 each for use at the Tallassee SeniorCenter, Tallassee Community Library, Tallassee Recreation Center, and Tallassee City Hall. All city personnel will receive CPR and AED training once the pandemic allows our staff to safely do so. These devices are portable and will be used at any community event and are stored in secure cabinets and available in public access areas of our city. These devices have increased public access to early defibrillation in the case of cardiac events. Our entire City and visitors will benefit from this grant award.

Coosada Park Enhancements (Elmore): The Town of Coosada used grant funds to purchase a backstop and security surveillance for the Coosada Park.

Drones (Lee): We purchased 6 Drones, extra batteries and chargers, and a competition obstacle course to use with our Lee County 4-H youth.  These supplies have been a resource to get back into several classrooms and continues to support our education of STEM activities.

EA Outdoor Seating, School Disinfecting (Elmore): Edgewood Academy used our grant funds to install touchless water bottle refill stations, outdoor lunch / class seating, and classroom disinfectant. These purchases helped greatly, enabling us to maximize the space on our campus and minimize the impact of COVID on our students and faculty, with very little interruption to normal operations.

Eclectic FD EMS cardiac monitor (Elmore): We completed purchasing the new monitor and all needed consumable supplies.  After a period of training and learning the unit, it was placed in service and has been in service since February 18.  During that time, it has been used to evaluate and treat over 40 patients. The timing turned out to be quite fortuitous.  During the training period, we were running the old 13 year old unit in parallel with the one purchased with this grant.  In that overlap time, the old unit experienced a failure in a key functional area.  Having the new unit onhand kept the ambulance from going out of service for an extended period of time.

Fire Extinguisher Education (Butler): The Greenville Fire Department used our grant funds to purchase a digital fire extinguisher training system. This digital training system has given us the ability to educate citizens and business owners in the area on how to properly use a fire extinguisher.

Fire Hose (Montgomery): The Pike Road Volunteer Fire Protection Authority used our grant funds to purchase fire hose and a combination hose rack for storage and drying of hose.  This equipment has given us the ability to upgrade our hose used for fire attack while also giving us a method to better care for it by drying and storing it properly.  This ensures that the approximately 16,000 citizens in our fire district will be protected by the most effective equipment available.

Fire Truck Equipment (Bullock): The Smuteye Volunteer Fire Department used our grant funds to purchase an air compressor and a rescue chop saw. This equipment will give us a quicker response time to callouts and enhanced capabilities on site. Our service area is all of Bullock County.

First Responder Protection (Bullock): The Bullock County Commission/Rescue used grant monies to purchase protective vests for our rescue team members. Fourteen vests were issued to our members giving them the added protection they so desperately need. It has become so dangerous in the field we operate in and there is always the possibility for violence again as it has been in the past. These vests give our members the confidence and safety they need to get the job done.

Grateful for Greenville Mural (Butler): Mid-South RC&D recently awarded the Greenville Area Chamber of Commerce a community grant in the amount of $4,350 to assist with the Chamber’s mural trail project in downtown Greenville. The mural project, which is currently a series of three murals, began in early 2020. The first mural, which is themed “HEY Y’ALL – SHARE THE LOVE” is located on the Safe Harbor building facing the Greenville Police Department. The “Share The Love” mural, which features colorful flowers that the city is known for – Camellias – “The Camellia City” was a collaboration between the Greenville Area Chamber of Commerce, local artist and business owner Stacey Edwards, and local sponsors: Butler County Commission for Economic Development, Camellia Communications, Dr. Jean Thompson, and Greenville Paint. The second mural, which will be funded with Mid South’s grant, is themed “Grateful for Greenville” and will be designed to look similar to a postcard featuring buildings, places and things that represent Greenville’s history, present and future. Muralist Michelle Black began work on the mural Monday. The “Grateful for Greenville” mural, which will take about four weeks to complete, will be located on the side of the Meadows & Co. building, in the heart of downtown Greenville. The “Grateful for Greenville” tagline was inspired by Greenville native, chamber board member, and local downtown business owner Danan Whiddon, and the motto has sort of transformed into a trend on social media #GratefulForGreenville. Greenville High School art teacher, Kayla Small and art students will assist with stages of the mural as part of a graded project and will assist the muralist in shifts throughout the mural project timeline. The Chamber and its board of directors is excited to see the mural trail come to life,” said GACOC Executive Director, Tracy Salter. “The Chamber board started tossing the idea around of murals in the area about two years ago and with the support of local building owners, sponsors and super talented artists, they are finally coming to life,” said Salter. “Murals create a tangible sense of place, destination, resulting in increased foot traffic while adding color, vibrancy, and character to a community,” said Salter. “Murals have the opportunity to tell the community’s story, create a unique experience, engage citizens, increase foot traffic and tourism, increase appreciation for the arts and artists, and increase overall attractiveness of the space. We’re so excited about the murals and the beauty they bring to Greenville – we’re thrilled to get to be a part of such a beautiful project, and can’t wait to see the finished products,” said Salter. Stay tuned to the Chamber’s Facebook page for updates on the mural project work/progress, sponsorship announcements, and details about the third mural, expected to begin in late spring/early summer. An official unveiling of the ‘Grateful for Greenville’ mural will be announced in the coming weeks.

Healthy Hands For Our Schools (Butler): The Butler County Conservation District used our grant funds to purchase small bottles of hand sanitizer.  This has given us the ability to distribute 2,325 clip on hand sanitizers for grades 5th – 12th in every school in Butler County.  Students can clip these bottles to their book bags for easy use.

Heart Start AED Grant (Butler): The Shackleville Volunteer Fire Department Inc. used our grant funds to purchase a new AED with spare battery, 2 sets each of adult and pediatric pads/electrodes, and a backpack carry case.  This AED and accessories will be utilized in our primary and mutual aid response areas. This grant has given us the ability to provide a potential life saving device to  to more than 1500 residents of our community and our surrounding mutual aid communities..

Improving Student Safety Through Compliance (Autauga): The Autauga County Firefighters Association used our grant funds to perform critical life safety compliance testing on Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) for the county Fire/EMS program at the Autauga County Technology Center. This testing assured that units being utilized by students of the program were operable and capable of being used for training purposes. The services tested 32 SCBA units and 61 breathing air cylinders.

Ladder Grant (Autauga): Replaced aging fire safety ladders to allow members of Pine Level FD to safely provide fire safety for our community.

LEAD Library Books (Montgomery): The LEAD Academy Public Charter School in Montgomery County used our funds to purchase library books for our newly built media center. This has given us the ability to provide nearly 600 students with the opportunity to check out library books increasing access to interest-based, age-appropriate, and grade and reading level appropriate content as well as providing the foundation for our media center that will continue to grow each year until we reach capacity as a charter school.

Lee County Water Festival (Lee): The Lee County Water Festival used our grants funds to reach 1000 students. We took educational items such as workbooks, activities, water bottles, hand sanitizers, and draw string backpacks. Each teacher also received baskets with the same items plus one extra activity to show the kids.

Let’s Move Lowndes County (Lowndes): The Calhoun School in Letohatchee, Alabama used our grant funds to purchase  a vertimax and 5 man sled. This equipment has given us the ability to provide  our students and others with more cardiovascular training and strengthening and conditioning as well as leg strength to 100 more students in our community. The equipment will keep our students active in physical fitness and wellness.

Lowndes County Sheriff’s Office: Body Cameras (Lowndes): The Lowndes County Sheriff’s Office used grant funds to purchase body cameras for each officer on their force. This has given the Lowndes County Sheriff’s Office a way to provide both safety and protection for not only the police force, but citizens of the Lowndes County area.

MANE and MANE 4H Tack and Equipment (Montgomery): MANE and the MANE 4H program purchased new, well made and well-fitted tack to accommodate riders of varying disabilities and sizes. These additional tack purchases will be used by the special needs riders of the MANE program and used and cared for by 4H members and 4H Cloverbuds of the MANE 4H Horse Club.

Personal Protective Equipment for Firefighters and Community (Macon): Little Texas VFD purchased personal protective equipment (PPE) from vendor Bama-Bio Tech.  This consisted of N95 face masks and hand sanitizer in various sizes to meet the need of COVID-19 in our community.

Replacing AEDs (Butler): The Butler County School System used our grant funds to purchase ten new Zoll 3, AED’s and six wall mounting cabinets for them. This has given our schools a chance to upgrade the old AED’s that were at their ‘end of life’ time span. This has brought our six existing school campuses up to date and therefore providing a safer environment for all our students, staff and campus visitors.  

Safety Procurement (Butler): The Greenville Fire Department used our grant funds to purchase 5 sets of turnout gear for our firefighters. This equipment has given us the ability to provide protective clothing for our firefighters as they fight fires in our community.

Supporting Healthcare by educating future Healthcare Professionals (Bullock): Through this grant, Healthcare professionals now have a facility and equipment to learn the latest techniques and secure employment, all within Bullock County.

Supporting the Future of Bullock County (Bullock): Since March 2020, Bullock County Schools operated virtually, meaning, students did not report to school, instructions were provided via Internet access. As the school year progressed and as the CDC released guidance on how students and staff could return to face to face instructions, Bullock County Schools made the necessary adjustments, allowing struggling learners and personnel into the buildings. Thanks to this grant by Mid-South RC&D, all students, faculty, and staff, had access to PPE’s, masks, and other sanitary agents to ensure their safety.

Temp Times (Macon): The Macon County Soil and Water  Conservation District purchased 120 thermometers, 6 first aid kit and batteries for all thermometers and refills.  All 6 schools in Macon County will benefit from these items, thus helping protect students, faculty and community.  This will help enable them to return to a normal in person setting for school.