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2021 Officers Safety Cameras Project (Butler): The Butler County Sheriff’s Office used our grant funds to purchase Body Cameras and In-Car Cameras. This purchase has improved community trust, transparency, and accountability. The video and audio recording from the cameras can be used by our Officers to demonstrate transparency to our communities; document statements, observations, behaviors, and other evidence; and to deter unprofessional, illegal, and inappropriate behaviors by both law enforcement and the public.

Emergency County Wide Drone Support (Lee): The Lee County Emergency Management Agency used our grant funds to purchase a Matrice 300 RTK drone. This drone has given us the ability to provide aerial support to our First Responder Partners both fire and law enforcement.

Emergency Equipment (Elmore): The Red Hill Volunteer Fire Department was able to purchase vital emergency response equipment thanks to the grant provided by Midsouth RC&D. This equipment includes rescue struts, light towers,  a demolition saw and a emergency generator. This equipment will increase our response capability and allow us to operate in a safer manner while rendering aid to the 1000 residents in our coverage area as well as those passing through.

Equipment for Hands on Technical Education at Marbury High School (Autauga): Marbury High School used our grant funds to purchase a Z-spray max spreader/sprayer. This piece of equipment has given us the ability to provide hands on training to over 150 students in our Ag Program. This training will equate to students being able to immediately work for Lawn Care companies providing weed control and Fertilization services.

Extrication Stabilization Equipment (Butler): The Providence Mt Pisgah VFD used our grant funds to purchase extrication stabilization equipment. This safety equipment has given our department the ability to now safely perform extrication operations without further harm to our community members and our first responders. Our first responders going home to their families at the end of every call is our ultimate priority.

Fort Davis Railroad Depot Restoration Project. (Macon): The Fort Davis Alabama Historical Society (FDAHS) used our grant funds to purchase materials and labor for external repairs to the Fort Davis Railroad Depot (i.e. door repair/replacement, window repair/replacement, stripping of existing paint, and re-painting the external portions of the Depot). These renovations have instilled a sense of pride and appreciation for the history of Fort Davis. For exmaple, the FDAHS recently welcomed a local church group to tour the outside of the Depot and learn about the history of Fort Davis.

Life is Why (Elmore): Adullam International Ministries used our grant funds to purchase equipment to provide high-quality CPR, First Aid & AED training to our teachers, nursery workers, and management staff. This valuable training increases the safety and quality of life of our children, staff, and the community we serve.

New Home “Old Nancy” 1904 Steam Tractor (Lee): The Museum of East Alabama used our grant to fund the building of a pavilion to house 1904 steam tractor “Old Nancy”.  “Old Nancy” has been designated as a historical artifact by the state of Alabama. The pavilion will not only house “old Nancy” but will also exhibit other historical farm implements of East Central Alabama. Auburn University Art Department will have their students paint a 13 by 36 mural to highlight agriculture of East Central Alabama. The grant will enable to expand the visitors to the museum and expect to have over 5,000 visitors this year.