Resource Conservation and Development

The RC&D areas were established in the Agriculture Act of 1962 to provide a program that empowers local citizens to develop and carry out an action- oriented plan for the social, economic, and environmental enrichment of their communities.

The RC&D council is the heart of the RC&D concept. The council is a sponsorship-based, granting nonprofit entity that is established and run by volunteers to carry out the mission of the RC&D. The council is composed of members who are key community leaders in land conservation, water management, environmental enhancement, and community development. There is a steering committee and action team to implement the “Area Plan,” a community-driven strategic long-range plan to improve the quality of life in the communities in the RC&D area.

The RC&D council board members act as the governing body who serve the counties of the area. They need to be action-oriented volunteers and leaders that help to address the needs in the community through good planning and project implementation. In this, “make it happen” style, the board also periodically evaluates its progress on the Area Plan and gathers input from the community.